Laser Dentistry in Hanamkonda

Laser Dentistry :

Painless dentistry has entered a new era with Lasers. An amplified high energy light source replaces the dental drill and scalpel which patients have feared for many years. At Kakatiya Super Speciality Dental Hospital, we use Dental lasers for the following applications:

Implant surgeries

Removal of tooth decay

Gum Lightening

Gum Reshaping


Disinfection during Root

Canal Therapy

Speed up healing of mouth ulcers

As patients typically feel less pain with Lasers when compared to the drill, little or no anesthesia is needed when a laser is used. If you hate the sound of the dental drill, you will love the laser.

The use of the Dental laser depends on your clinical situation, and your eligibility for its use will be determined at the time of treatment planning.

Laser absorption & diffusion in the tissue provoke a photoactive response, resulting from the tissue photo destruction or Photo activation.

Surgical Laser usually causes Photo destruction of cell, raising tissue temperature, creating photo thermal effect, vaporizing the cells hydric Content & Carbonizing the tissue.

Non Surgical (LLLT) Laser causes Photo activation it increases the cells metabolic activity in the irradiated area.

It has Anti- inflammatory analgesic effect & causes fast tissue healing.

Laser Therapy is a Great help in almost every Dental Specialities.

Dr.Sudhakar under going Laser training in Germany

Advantages of Laser in Dentistry

Do not require anesthesia, so quicker and simple are the procedures.

No bleeding, no infection, No sutures, no pain and swelling and hence faster wound healing.

Less overall chair side time.

Adjoining tissues are protected from damage.

Quieter and less fatigue for dentist, staff and patient.

Full range of high precision safe hard and soft tissue treatments available.


Melanin Depigmentation

Laser Teeth Whitening