Dental Crowns & Bridges

Rejuvenate Your Smile with Dental Crowns and Bridges

Missing and damaged teeth are not only unattractive but also cause problems in chewing food and speaking. At Kakatiya Dental we can help you replace the missing teeth in many ways, dental crowns and bridges are one of them.

Dental Crowns also called as caps are dental restorations placed over a tooth to cover or encircle a tooth completely, to improve it’s strength and appearance.

Dental Bridge covers or bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth. It takes support from existing teeth or implants to replace a section of missing teeth. A dental bridge helps to prevent the remaining teeth from moving out of place. Once the bridge is placed, it works just like your natural teeth. It helps with chewing, speaking as well as maintaining the shape of your face. It is durable and strong because it is anchored to your teeth.

Dental Crown/Caps and Bridges are needed for the following reasons:

  • Protect a decayed or cracked tooth
  • Cover a severely discolored or worn down tooth
  • Over a dental implant
  • Following Root Canal Treatment
  • Make a cosmetic modification
  • Cover a large filling where not enough tooth structure is remaining

At Kakatiya Dental crowns and bridges are made using the latest CAD/CAM (Computerized) technology from the best materials of world-class quality like Zirconia, E Max, Lava, Bruxzir, and Porcelain fused to metal (PFM).

Crowns and Bridges are custom-made and aesthetically pleasing to blend in with your natural teeth. We offer a variety of options to replace missing teeth. Consult us to find out if an implant supported bridge or the conventional bridge is a good option for you

Best Dental Crown & Bridge Treatment in Hanamkonda

All Ceramic crowns

Metal-Ceramic crowns

Zirconia or metal free crowns

The cost of dental crowns depends on the expertise of the specialist, material used, condition and location of the tooth that will receive the crown. In addition to these factors the cost of dental bridges is influenced by the number of teeth being replaced. Since the crown and bridge treatment is customized for every patient, it is not possible to quote their exact price. Additional treatments like root canal will add to the cost of crowns and bridges.

Our crown and bridge specialist ensure that we provide the best treatment that is cosmetically pleasing, long lasting and affordable. Schedule an appointment today to find out if dental crowns and bridges are a good option to restore your smile.

Tooth jewellery Crowns

This ready made tooth jewellery is available in various colours and sizes. Fitting takes about 10 to 15 minutes and completely painless as there is no cutting of the tooth surface. The jewellery is just cemented onto your tooth, the design can be changes several times if you want to change your smile, or even go back to your original smile.

  • No Drilling
  • No Holes
  • Painless Does Not Harm Tooth
  • Temporary
How long will it stay on my tooth?

A tooth jewel is bonded on a real tooth. It will stay on until you decide to have it removed.

How do I remove or replace a tooth jewel?

It is easily removed. There will be no visible sign left.

Will the jewel harm a tooth?

No. The jewel is bonded to the enamel. The procedure and removal has been compared to the placement and removal of orthodontic brackets (braces).

Will a tooth jewel impede brushing?

No, the presence of the twinkle will make you want to brush more frequently, since it brings more attention to your smile.

Can I still have my teeth cleaned?


Can I feel the jewel on my tooth?

The jewels are only 0.6 mm thick. You may be aware of something on your tooth the first couple of days after the application, but you will soon get used to the feeling.

What if I swallow it?

Normally this will not happen. In the event of the tooth jewel coming off it would be thrown out by the tongue. The jewel has no sharp edges.

Tooth jewellery

Tooth jewellery


Restore your smile to its full health and beauty.

There are times when a person’s teeth are severely compromised (decayed teeth, gum infection, loss of teeth, worn out teeth, collapsed bite, etc. ) and they are unable to eat properly which in turn undermines the overall health.

Full mouth rehabilitation, also known as Full mouth reconstruction, is required to rejuvenate the oral health, self-confidence and overall well being. With Full mouth rehabilitation, patients can get a new life with a completely new and fully functional, natural looking teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a combination of various treatments like Dental Implants, Gum treatment, Restorative dentistry (crowns/bridges), Smile correction, Root canal treatment or Cavity filling for decayed teeth, Extraction of teeth which cannot be salvaged, etc.

Our specialists at Kakatiya Dental have extensive experience and will rebuild and return the mouth to its full function. Since full mouth rehabilitation includes multiple treatments, it is important that each treatment is addressed by their respective specialist/ dental expert.

  • Root Canals by Endodontist
  • Extraction by Oral Surgeon
  • Gum Treatment by Periodontist
  • Implants by Implantologist
  • Crowns/ Bridges/ Restorative work by Prosthodontist

This teamwork has helped hundreds of people achieve their ideal dental health. Contact us today to get your dental needs met!